Extech 48VFL11. Температурний PID-контролер.

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Extech 48VFL11

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• Dual 4-digit LED displays for process and setpoint values
• 1/16 DIN (48VFL) and 1/4 DIN (96VFL) model dimensions available
• Easy programming & navigation with user-friendly menus and tactile keypad
• Fuzzy Logic PID offers intuitive control simulating human control logic
• Manual mode allows the user to override automatic control and drive the controller output higher or lower with the touch of a button
• One-touch Auto Tuning for quick setup and stable, precise control
• Two ‘Latching’ Alarm relays standard with 8 Alarm modes plus advanced Timer modes
• Single stage Ramp and Soak program with Ramp-to-Setpoint Limit that can be combined with the Soft Start feature for critical process demands
• Accepts thermocouple and RTD inputs
• Select desired temperature display units (°F or °C) from setup menu
• Select thermocouple input type (9 selections) or RTD input
(2 selections) from the display menu without the need for hardware modification
• Complete with mounting bracket hardware and screw terminals for easy wiring